Case Study: Walt's Roast Beef


Aging customers, non-existent younger web audience, outdated brand imaging, lack of clear health benefits message.


The Walt’s Roast Beef chain, a Rhode Island Institution since 1957, was in dire need of freshening up. The brand had been tied up in a dispute for the past two decades, but the current owners were now free to invest in company’s image and were eager to expand the chain beyond Rhode Island.
We began working on a multi-faceted approach to bringing in a younger clientele and expanding the customer base.


• We designed and launched a new website that told the story of how they created their unique sandwiches. The story focused on the wholesome and quality aspects of their method of roast beef preparation, as well as presenting their sandwiches as more healthy options for fast casual food. Custom graphics and engaging animation made the website more informative and engaging. A “Call to Action” to become part of the “Fit Club” allowed the website to work as a data collection mechanism.
• We revamped and changed their Facebook page to be more entertaining and to push the healthy aspects of their food. Monthly social media specials brought in more users and increased the reach of their messaging.
• We produced a commercial that ran on network television and Monday night football. This commercial was edgy and inclusive of a younger generation of customer.
• We worked with Walt’s to arrive at a holiday season, “Giving Tree” program that highlighted their community involvement and resulted in Providence charity, Amos House receiving a generous donation in the name of Walt’s.
• We developed and promoted partnerships with other organizations such as Healthtrax (a local chain of health centers and gyms) to increase the customer base and highlight the healthy aspects of their sandwiches.
• We developed and delivered in-store marketing pieces such as window clings and counter stands for these programs.
• We worked with Walt’s on their store signage and colors to most effectively communicate their brand.
• We worked on design and fulfillment for various coupons and brochures necessary to the success of all marketing programs.
We worked closely with architects and designers in developing messaging and menu components for newly opened stores in malls.


• The look and feel of the brand have been revitalized and the chain is now in good shape to handle its current expansion plans.
• Customer demographics have skewed to lower age groups as word of Walt’s as a healthier option has promulgated.
• Facebook page-likes continue to grow at a steady rate.
• The “Giving Tree” campaign sold out during its first week prompting immediate re-order to satisfy demand.
• The first television commercial garnered much reaction and boosted dinner traffic in all stores.

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