Case Study: North American Shoe Company


Under-performing newspaper and magazine print advertising, lack of customer engagement online, under-used email campaign, and no calls-to-action displays in store.


Investigate all aspects of how Color House reaches their intended audiences and carve marketing channels that will get the word out about their excellent programs and products.


  • We updated the logo and branding for Color House to a memorable and colorful icon and communicated their expertise in paint and color.
  • We designed and launched a new website that communicated their sense of innovation and their experience in the world of color and interior decorating .  A “Call to Action” to become part of the “Color Club” allowed the website to work as a data collection mechanism for a newsletter that we produced for Color House monthly.
  • We designed monthly and quarterly print ads that were published in the Providence Journal, consumer papers, and other industry publications. Visit .
  • We revamped and changed their social media to be more entertaining and to communicate their expertise with color. Entertaining Facebook Live Videos brought in new “likes” and improved the quality of the overall content.
  • We developed and delivered in-store marketing pieces such as window messaging and counter stands for these programs, including a “text-to-join” counter piece that allowed customers to join the Color Club from their phones.
  • We worked with Color House on their in-store messaging including large “logo walls” and displays.
  • We worked on design and fulfillment for various coupons and brochures necessary to the success of all marketing programs. Check the computer admin.


  • Customer response to the rebranding has been exceptional.
  • Sales increased by 25% as a result of the rebranding and the print ads that we generated.
  • After branding the newsletter and launching the new website with a prominent call to action, the Color Club signup page prompted over 200 new subscribers within the first two weeks hughes air co. Their monthly newsletter subscription continues to grow and the deals offered to Color Club members are taken advantage of as never before.
  • Their website and social media sites have become a model for other Benjamin Moore multi-location retailers.
  • Facebook “page-likes” initially spiked and continue to grow at a steady rate.

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