The Marketing Foxhole

We realize that there are small businesses who don't have the budget for our larger marketing plans, so we decided to create The Marketing Foxhole, a low-cost monthly solution that guides you to use our most successful marketing tips, tricks, and techniques in an online membership club.

- Dave & Sal, Englund Studio

You started a business, and now you realize you must do your own marketing but can’t afford to hire a team.

We Get It!

You tried unsuccessfully to market on social media and yes, even designing your own website.

Seen That Before!

Wouldn’t it be a huge time-saver and budget protector to be part of an exclusive online marketing group with a proven success record from 2 experts who’ve already “fought the battle for you?’

Backup Is Here!

The Marketing Foxhole is an exclusive club for business people just like yourself that meets for 1 hour online each month.

-Get guidance and solutions in real-time in your online and offline marketing efforts, Learn new tactics in social media that actually work,

-Improve your success rate by having goal-setting homework assignments with accountability each month.

-Jump in the Foxhole for only $47 per month (Reg. $97) and a 6-month commitment.