Case Study: Goodwin Bradley


Goodwin-Bradley is a 106-year old Rhode Island manufacturing company. Originally dedicated to tooling and metal casting, they have grown to provide high-tech parts and molds to the highly competitive aerospace and defense industries. Their company branding, as well as their print and digital marketing collateral had lagged way behind the times. To their potential customers, they looked like a company that was stuck in the seventies.


Work with the Goodwin-Bradley management team to develop an updated brand that would reflect their longevity while also communicating their advanced technical capabilities.


We researched their current and targeted customers to determine what it was that they were looking for in a trusted vendor.
Bearing in mind that the updated branding must be evocative of the original company branding, we investigated complimentary but updated colors using color psychology principals.
We developed a number of choices for Goodwin-Bradley that were evocative of the old logo but still communicated the advanced technology the best english learning class la that they use in creating parts and molds for companies such as General Dynamics and Pratt & Whitney.
Upon settling on a new brand, we began to apply this brand and the chosen colors and textures to marketing materials ranging from business cards and brochures to an updated website, check my reference.


Response to the rebranding has been universally positive. Goodwin-Bradley has been able to close more high-tech and aerospace business as a result of the up-to-date marketing collateral They were able to showcase their new branding at the reception for their PBN Manufacturing Award in 2017.

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