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Best Lens for Architectural photography

by Administrator, March 25, 2018

It’s best to have a variety of architecture photography lenses at your disposal. Prime lenses offer sharp images with less distortion while zoom lenses make it easier to capture close views of some architectural features that would otherwise be hard to reach (such as a gargoyle on a building ledge).

Tilt-shift lenses are a popular type of architecture photography lens. These lenses allow you to adjust the angle of the lens independently of the camera. This is especially useful for avoiding the perspective distortion that causes vertical lines to seem to converge when you’re shooting a tall building. Visit sunflowermaids.com for more info.

Tilt-shift lenses can also be used to create a miniaturization effect which can add some extra oomph to your architecture photography portfolio, are you looking corporate tax preparation san diego ca click here http://emmitsburgems.org/

Wide angle lenses are also useful for structure photography. They can be a big help when you’re trying to fit a huge structure into the frame. They do have a downside: very wide angled lenses cause more distortion around the edges (which makes a building’s straight lines look curved). However, you’ll also have more space to play with when it comes to cropping, and the distortion can easily be fixed in editing software. Visit سكس منقبات.