Case Study: Artisan Bridge


New non-profit with no branding direction, no website or social media channels, under-developed messaging to donors, no point of purchase displays for products.


Artisan Bridge’s mission is to assist Guatemalan women who are working to climb out of the abject poverty endemic to their region. In addition to donations, Artisan Bridge markets the beaded artwork that these women create. Artisan Bridge also runs an outdoor obstacle course called, “Reviver Challenge” with proceeds going back to Guatemala.
Our strategy was to develop a brand and a digital strategy to attract donors and participants in their fundraising activities. We also saw the need for more effective print and point of purchase marketing pieces for donors, schools, and obstacle course participants. Visit  up town jungle.


We created a logo and branding for Artisan Bridge that was evocative of the Guatemalan women that they are working to assist and a log and branding for Reviver Challenge that communicated the fun and challenging aspects of the obstacle course. Check how to find key cutting dublin 1.
We launched a Reviver golden peak drug rehab denver website to promote the event and provide signups for the obstacle course and a mudball challenge with proceeds from both going to the charity.
We created attractive and informative flyers that helped bring Artisan Bridge into local schools to market the handmade crafts created by Guatemalan artists.
We created social media channels to keep donors and informed on their work with Guatemalan recipients.
We worked with Artisan Bridge on the format and content of their proposals to maximize impact on prospective participants in their programs.


As a result of our marketing efforts check this , the Reviver Challenge has grown from an initial $3,000 event to $26,000 in revenue.
Artisan Bridge succeeded in obtaining prime retail space in a prestigious Ivy League university bookstore.
Marketing material we created contributed to their success in opportunities to sell beaded products in some Rhode Island schools.
Artisan Bridge is an example of moving from zero to success in its first year of working with Englund Studio.

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