The most important thing on a website

by englundstudio, November 1, 2016

Landing page essentials

The first question we ask is “What do you want your visitors to do when they land on your new home page?”, once we know this answer we then talk about what is commonly called the CTA or Call-To-Action, any website without a CTA wont stand a chance….in fact it would be nothing more than an “electronic business card” With that said, here’s a short list of popular CTA’s that we recommend for website landing pages:

A free report: filled with useful intelligence provided by the business owner, the web visitor types in their email address in exchange for this free report – this CTA weeds out the tire kickers on your website, you then have a list of HOT leads.

A first-time buyer coupon: this can generate immediate new customers. The visitor clicks a button on the home page and is then is taken to a downloadable coupon (PDF) that can be printed. we can track the number of visitors who click the button against the overall percentage of visitors who download the coupon.

A trackable phone number: to determine the percentage of sales coming through your website a special website phone number is added, anyone viewing the desktop or mobile version of your site who makes the phone call is now tracked – if the amount of phone calls coming from this unique number are low then we improve the home page text to boost encouragement to call.

It’s not necessary that you as a business owner know what should and should not be on your home page, leave that to us – we study this stuff daily! We believe our strength of color psychology and consumer psychology influencing website prospects to becoming loyal customers is what sets us apart.

For an accurate quote, we would need to sit down to determine the scope of your project.

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